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Winner of 美妆配方
Tair Jiuh Enterprise Co Ltd

Ultra Clean Natural Liquid Powder

Booth#: 6-E01

Billed as an “ultra-clean formula,” this powder employs 14% Cosmos-certified organic and natural ingredients to fill multiple colors and textures into one make-up compact, in a single injection, without having to use an aluminum pan. The company notes that in its raw state, the powder is liquid, and remains so until it’s filled into the packaging, making it easier to handle. It can fill multiple colors and textures in a single injection, and can create patterns that are “finer, sharper, and more complex than traditional powders,” the company says. This means a more efficient production process, that eliminates the aluminum pan. The formula itself is made from 100% natural ingredients and is vegan, talc-free, and waterless. It is composed of 78% mica certified by the Responsible Mineral Initiative, 14% Cosmos-certified ingredients, and 7% RSPO palm oil. Added to this, microalgae within the formula care for the skin.

Winner of 护肤配方
B.Kolormakeup & Skincare S.P.A.

Feel Former Imperfection Shielding Cream

Booth#: 3-C02

Treating acne-prone skin holistically and gently, this formula acts to provide what the brand describes as “a protective barrier between acne-prone skin and the daily elements (…) reflecting away impurities.” Designed to be used alone or before make-up, its formula blends gelling polymers, natural gelling agents, and emulsifiers, to create a filming shield that protects the skin. Within this, a water-soluble elastomer creates a moisturizing effect that feels fresh. A plant extract, Saxifraga stolonifera, prevents acne breakouts and reduces redness, while at the same time improving hydration and protecting the skin’s barrier. Meanwhile, a multi-functional peptide has a mattifying, sebum-reducing, and anti- inflammatory effect. The formula purifies, calms, and balances acne-prone skin, B.Kolor says, while providing a flawless make-up base.

Winner of 包装设计及材质
Taeyang Renew Inc

Airtight Cosmetic Pen

Booth#: 8-C05

The Airtight Cosmetic Pen’s design means that the liquid it contains has minimal exposure to the air, to maintain the formulation’s freshness and so it doesn’t dry out, while protecting against leakage, too. To use, the cap is unscrewed and a button at the base of the pen is twisted to unlock the pen’s safety lock. Then, the same button is pushed to allow the brush applicator to pop up with a controlled amount of liquid, ready to apply, and so no additional applicator is needed. To add more of the formula, the user presses the button again. And as the applicator tip is located outside the liquid, it isn’t inserted into the liquid after use, to further preserve the formula. The pen is made from polyketone plastic, whose manufacture reduces carbon emissions.

Winner of 创新科技
Marchesini Group Beauty

A-eye lipstick

Booth#: 3-D10a

Marchesini Group Beauty calls the A-Eye lipstick a “ground-breaking leap in quality control for lipsticks through the integration of Artificial Intelligence.” Developed by SEA Vision, a company within Marchesini Group, the system employs “cutting-edge hardware with proprietary software and algorithms” to assess lipsticks’ quality during the production process. The system’s cameras capture 360-degree images of the lipstick, with special attention paid to the tip. These images, the company says, then undergo “rigorous analysis via the software,” using semantic segmentation to assess each of the lipstick’s components and gauge the product’s attributes, while detecting any defects. The system then “communicates with the production machine to ensure automatic rejection of defective products.” The system uses a combination of AI algorithms, classical algorithms, and industrial automation to assess a lipstick. Marchesini Group states that its goal with the system is to “relieve [human] operators of [the] difficult, repetitive, and tiring task” of assessing a lipstick’s quality. The company says the system improves product quality and enhances production performance with its “automatic, real-time, and reliable control over 100% of lipstick production.”

Winner of 可持续性

Bottoms Up Stick (Refillable) 5g, 7g, 10g

Booth#: 3-A18

Solving the issue of conventional stick containers being problematic to recycle and contributing to formula waste, as one-third of their contents tend to remain unused at the bottom of the cup, is CTKCLIP’s Bottoms Up Stick. This refillable stick packaging solution is crafted to push the entire contents of the stick format upward, so that all of the product can be used. This not only reduces formula waste but means that the stick’s packaging can be easily recycled, allowing for water-free recycling. Available in different volume capacities, all of the stick’s components are designed in recyclable PP material, so it’s environmentally friendly.


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