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AI Skincare Assistant - the world’s first portable AI incorporated skin solution

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Product headline
AI Skincare Assistant - the world’s first portable AI incorporated skin solution
Product - Description
AI Skincare Assistant LUMINI analyzes a whole facial skin in a snap and recommends the skincare products for each user. It consists of a handheld scanning device and software. Using AI technology, it only takes 10 seconds to have its work done, keeping high accuracy. LUMINI can create skin big data through helping people understand their skin condition, track changes, and provide data-based personalized solutions. Beauty industry players who adopt LUMINI can utilize the data of their consumers for target marketing as well as new product development. LUMINI can eventually connect both consumers and industry with the skin data.
Product benefits
1. For beauty industry companies a. Develop personalized skin care products for their customers based on acquired skin data b. Understand customer’s preference on products through collecting customers’ behavior data insight c. Provide professional skin consulting service to their customers through easy-to-use solution without training. 2. For consumers . a. Receive a simple but accurate skin analyzing service within 10 seconds b. Buy the most suitable products based on their own skin data and figuring out what other people with similar skin score think as effective product c. Prevent future skin problems thanks to its inner skin analysis
Technical details
LUMINI uses self-developed AI technologies for all three steps: scanning, analyzing, and recommending products. For the first two steps, LUMINI captures footage optimized for analysis using real-time face recognition technology and constantly increases analysis accuracy through deep learning. When LUMINI recommends tailored products, it finds the best products for users by analyzing online product data, customer reviews through natural language processing. Last but not least, LUMINI can analyze up to people’s inner skin by using multi-spectrum rays. It allows to detect the melasma, pigmentation and redness in the skin. With this data, LUMINI can predict the future skin problems.
What makes this product so special?
Lumini’s goal is simple. These days people get used to a concept of AI but hardly any solution is approachable to consumers. Lumini, an AI incorporated solution, is easy-to-use for any one by simply taking a button. And, consumers can get benefits from AI beauty technology. It immediately provides a whole skin analysis experience in stores and recommends products and services, matching consumer’s skin condition. Consumers can track their skin records in a simplest way. With this new level of usability and data value, LUMINI innovates sales and marketing of beauty industry, making AI technology available for everyone.
How the brand is promoted on line?
LUMINI targets B2B market so we are focusing on meeting buyers and partners in person at global exhibitions. Its launch was in January at CES 2018 and exhibited in 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic. Furthermore, we are maximizing our coverages by receiving global awards – 2018 iF Design Award & RedDot Design award for service design and user experience. Through collaboration with beauty brands, LUMINI increases purchase conversion rate of cosmetics. Also, by sharing the skin analysis and products recommendation result to customers’ mobile, it encourages customers to purchase recommended products. On average, the purchasing rate effectively increased up to 85% after LUMINI experience, and customer satisfaction and store revisit intention went up to 89%. This shows that LUMINI can be a great help for consultation for stores, and customers do want to know more about their skin and see how it changes.
Why the product/formulation is innovative?
LUMINI analyzes your whole face within 10 seconds. Existing market for skin measurement devices was not active, and it was also divided into two: very large equipment with low usability, and small devices contacting a localized area of the skin and providing limited data. Embedded with cutting-edge AI technology, LUMINI made available a unique service in which a portable device analyzes your entire face by area with a single snap, then gives a tailored cosmetics recommendation for your skin. This eliminates the limitations of both types of skin measurement devices described above. While existing skin measurement devices were used as short-term marketing tool measuring just once with little impact, LUMINI creates data from your skin, tracks changes of the skin and manages it systematically. It can open a new field of skincare as the collected skin data have a wide range of application, such as target marketing and new product development for customized customer segments. For example, based on the skin data, we can develop a new cosmetic per region taking people’s skin concern, problems, favorite products and environmental factors into account.


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