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Cosmopack Asia Awards

Brings awareness to the immense importance of formulation and packaging design, as well as highlighting new technologies emerging in the beauty industry. 
For the 2019 edition, Cosmopack Asia Awards will consist of 6 categories:

Make-up Formula

(Includes formulation for face, eyes, lips, nails)

Make-up Packaging

(Includes packaging for face, eyes, lips, nails)

Skincare Formula

(Includes formulation for skincare, hair, toiletries, personal care)

Skincare Packaging

(Includes skincare, hair, toiletries, personal care)


(Including packaging, formula and innovative green solutions)

Visitors' Choice

Selected among the finalists

Discover the jury of Cosmopack Asia Awards

 Products submitted can be new creations or selections from exhibitors’ existing collections, made within the past 12 months.
The judges will be looking out for entries with ease of formulation, cost effectiveness, functionality/application, new design solutions,  compatibility and stability. 

Entries in Cosmopack Asia Awards will be awarded based on:

Innovation, Creativity, Inventive & Effective Application
Ease of Formulation & Sustainability
New Technologies
Marketability & Consumer Appeal
Safety and Regulatory Data, including Toxicology

“Recognise the Power of beauty Packaging Design, Formulation and Technology at Cosmopack Asia

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