Cosmoprof Asia 专业大奖得奖者

探索所有Cosmoprof Asia专业大奖 2023 得奖者

Winner of 美髮產品
Hans Pharma Co Ltd

Klardie Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule

Booth#: 3E-B2B Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

klardie’s Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule is formulated with USF 71™, an ingredient developed by Hans Pharma Co. which contains “various growth factors that can provide rich nutrition for hair, making newly grown hair more solid,” the company says. This patented ingredient is created from a human umbilical stem cell culture, that the company says “contains more than 71 complex growth factors that are valid for skin improvement.” The ampoule’s ingredients also include ectoin; the SCALPFREE-05™ complex, which conditions the scalp and leaves it comfortable; and salicylic acid, menthol, and panthenol. Together, these ingredients strengthen the hair follicle, enhance the growth of new hair, and nourish the hair and scalp. In another innovative touch, the formula is applied with a roll-on, pen-type applicator.

Winner of 家庭 & 專業儀器及工具
Dr. Mallife (T.I.P. International Co Ltd)

Scalp Care Device

Booth#: 1E-E6A Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

The Dr. Mallife scalp care device features three modes to maintain a healthier scalp and hair. They are violet LED, which addresses seborrheic scalp inflammation caused by Malassezia yeasts, which can result in itchy skin; micro-current technology to strengthen hair follicle cells; and cooling technology which reduces “scalp fever.” The brand says that the device prevents hair loss caused by seborrheic scalp inflammation. With its brush style-design, the device is designed to be effortless to use. The user chooses between the three modes for each session – violet LED, micro-current, or cooling – depending on their scalp’s condition.

Winner of 個人護理 & 身體護理產品
Ro.ial Srl

Bubble Wax

Booth#: 3E-H3C Section: Professional Beauty

A cold wax hair removal system that aims to make waxing easier, whether at home or traveling. Formulated to be sprayed on to the skin, due to the fact that it isn’t heated, the wax doesn’t cause vasodilation and “avoids post-depilatory infec:ons,” the company says. The action of using the wax removes both the hair and the follicle, leaving the skin smooth and with regrowth delayed. Applied as a foam, the product is spread onto the skin with a spatula, and then removed with strips. One can of the Bubble Wax is equivalent to 55 wax strips. The product has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin at Italy’s Ferrara University, Ro.ial says.

Winner of 綠色 & 有機
Lon.G (KPT Co Ltd)

Dive To Green Pure Bubble Cleanser

Booth#: 1E-N5F Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

This facial cleanser is presented as a fragrance-free powder, which is intended to be mixed with water in the refillable bottle before use. The brand notes that this means that it isn’t necessary to add preservatives to the product, and that its lower weight reduces carbon emissions in transportation. The powder cleanser’s only seven ingredients are all EWG Green, and include hibiscus flower extract, bitter orange flower extract, lotus extract, and edelweiss flower, leaf, and stem extract. The bottle is eco-friendly, too. It is designed with a metal-free pump, meaning that the bottle can be recycled together with the pump, without any need for separating the components.

Winner of 護膚產品
Vari: Hope (Lighthouse Cosmetics Co Ltd)

Triple Collagen Customizing Cream

Booth#: 1E-E2C Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

This cream combines two formulations in one jar, that can be blended by each customer as desired, so they can create their own ideal formula. The cream is composed of a moisture gel that contains collagen capsules, and an elasticity cream with 49.66% hydrolyzed collagen extract, to create a firm, smooth skin appearance. These two textures can be mixed within the jar so consumers can tailor the product to their skin type, or the climate. Among the product’s ingredients is an elastin complex, seven hyaluronic acids, and a 12-peptide complex.

Winner of 彩妝產品
Muzigae Mansion (LCM Cosmetic Co Ltd)

Objet Water

Booth#: 1E-Z6B Section: Cosmetics&Personal care

Muzigae Mansion Objet Water is a lip tint whose striking packaging takes its cues from “crumpled hand creams in everyday life,” Muzigae Mansion says. The lip tint’s translucent tube is molded so it appears to be artfully creased, as if it’s been used. The product itself captures a tint in a “clear, watery texture that instantly adheres to the lips and showcases a transformative blurred finish,” the brand says. The tint is infused with the brand’s Hyal Deca Complex hyaluronic acid, so the lips feel comfortable while wearing the product. The formula’s blurred finish is also long-lasting, with the product available in four shades.