The Trophy: Fluere by Aliya Karagayeva - Marangoni Institute Milano The School of Design


Fluere derives from the Latin term, meaning for “flow”, “movement”. The trophy Fluere holds the same concept as its name. 

It is designed to embody the essence of movement and fluidity. Its soft, flowing shape is intended to create an impression of a used cosmetic bottle, conveying an idea of the beauty customers’ experience and product path. The Fluere trophy is a shining example of the industry's dedication to sustainability. 
At the heart of the Fluere trophy is the idea that beauty is not just skin-deep. It recognizes that true beauty comes from within and is the result of a healthy mind, body, and soul. This award encourages brands to create products that promote wellness, self-care, and mindfulness, and that help people feel beautiful both inside and out. 

The trophy is carefully crafted to represent the spirit of excellence and innovation, and it serves as a symbol of achievement and recognition in various fields. Paired with a gold looking material and selected five colors, Fluere can be a perfect example of a subtle and elegant model. 

The trophy is a symbol of the great milestones achieved in the beauty industry and represents a universal vision of excellence, a veritable “Oscar” award that celebrates the innovation shared by all Cosmoprof events in Europe, Asia (India, Thailand, and Hong Kong), and North America.

Cosmoprof designed the award in collaboration with Marangoni Institute Milano The School of Design, internationally recognized as one of the top schools in the world of art, fashion and design. The institute has been training talented individuals for over 80 years, welcoming students from over 100 nations to its prestigious locations: Milan - Florence - Paris - London - Dubai - Miami - Mumbai - Shanghai - Shenzhen.  

Collaboration with Marangoni Institute Milano opens new and interesting opportunities: an intense and immersive dialogue between materials, colors, and shapes that takes us on a deep dive into the highly creative and multicultural world of art, fashion, and design, while retaining the beauty, quality, craftsmanship, and expertise of creations “Made in Italy”.



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