This trophy, designed by centdegrés, embodies the great achievements in the beauty industry, awarded by Cosmoprof worldwide.
The trophy represents a universal vision of excellence through the Cosmoprof Network in Europe (Bologna), Asia (Hong-Kong), America (Las Vegas) and India (Mumbai).

Centdegrés started from the idea of radiance. Great ideas operate like light: they enlighten their environment.  
So the agency designed this new universal Cosmoprof trophy like a symbolic lamp, which radiates and inspires! It represents all the layers of the products of this complex industry.

The inside symbolizes the formulas of make-up, skin care or fragrances. It will be colored in different tones, depending on the local shows and the different awards.

The outside symbolizes the packaging, and magnifies the content, creating interesting visual effects with its 2 different materials: blown tinted glass outside and tinted brass inside.

Both layers interact together, expressing the necessary collective intelligence in any great project of the industry, between all stakeholders. 

In terms of manufacturing, the product will be using great materials, glass and metal, and sophisticated finishes, from high class know-hows, expressing the idea of quest for quality. 



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